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IPSTA Conference 2023 - Call For Papers

  1. The following guidelines will apply to paper submissions: - Preference for Days, length of time slots, and room layout are not guaranteed - Preference may be given to new instructors or topics for the 2023 Conference - Presentations may not be commercial in nature, and must be vendor neutral - The conference provides a projector, screen and audio. Presenters must provide computer and slide advancer
  2. Please limit to 80 characters
  3. Please include a brief description on your experience and background.
  4. You can upload additional information on your presentation or background here
  5. Please provide information when you have been a speaker for IPSTA in the past
  6. The Conference provides a projector, screen, podium and microphone for all rooms
  7. Upon submission the Program Committee will be notified or your proposal. Questions should be directed to Program Chair John Ferraro at
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